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Banning Lewis Academy is a tuition-free, public charter school authorized by D49 and serving the Banning Lewis Ranch community and nearby neighborhoods in Colorado Springs. Located on two campuses a mile apart, we offer an award-winning, continuous K-12 education. We blend traditional and modern programming to create engaging learning experiences for our students. Our staff is dedicated to providing a well-rounded, humanities-based education enriched with character development and many extracurricular sports, arts, & other programs.

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Banning Lewis Ranch Academy K-5

Start your kids off with a thorough, well-rounded education that empowers them to be good, productive students and people. Every student will learn through robust programs, receive access to the latest technologies, gain individual attention and build character, and be active in the surrounding community.

Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy 6-12

Students continue their high quality education at the secondary level with four branches of study to encourage them to pursue their interests and dreams.


Classes include art, literature, philosophy, ethics, modern foreign languages, music, theater, speech, and world languages.

Social sciences

Classes include history, psychology, law, sociology, politics, economics, geography, and business.

Natural sciences

Classes include astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences.

Formal sciences

Classes include mathematics, and statistics.

Inspiration View Elementary School (IVES)

Inspiration View Elementary School is a district neighborhood school and adds to D49s portfolio of schools through our arts integrated approach to teaching and learning. We serve preschool through 5th grade. In an arts integrated program, students learn all Colorado Academic Standards, including drama, dance, music, art, and PE. The Kennedy Center will be our guide as we create an environment in which all students pursue and develop their passions and talents.

This school’s unique mission is to foster individual student promise and passions through arts integrated learning. This intentional focus cultivates an environment that allows all students to develop as creative risk takers who collaborate, communicate, and celebrate through diverse learning opportunities while discovering their love of learning as they evolve as authentic human beings.

We believe good students come from first becoming great citizens.

Both of our campuses utilize Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as our behavior reinforcement and character development strategy. At Banning Lewis Academy we charge all students with the task of L.E.A.D.-ing the herd! This stands for Living Safely, Engaging with Respect, Acting with Kindness, and Demonstrating Responsibility. Students learn how to positively interact with one another, their teachers, and their community, and are celebrated both individually and collectively through reinforcement points and recognition.

Students today, leaders tomorrow.

The BLA Order/House System is a student organization encouraging and inspiring students to achieve specific academic and student leadership goals. By creating smaller integrated student communities, this framework opens doors to greater leadership opportunities. Several purposes of this system include increasing peer-to-peer support, building strong relationships, and developing skills in leadership.