The Community

Banning Lewis connects the community with experiences for the young and young at heart everywhere you turn.

Being Colorado’s largest private builder, Oakwood Homes takes great joy in developing master-planned communities like Banning Lewis Ranch, with highly-desired homes and gotta-do-these activities anyone would love.

And homes are just the tip of the mountain. We put in the time, effort, and deep thought into building and fostering great communities from the ground up. We think of which kinds of shingles make the most sense. We influence the design of the pool house, and the schoolhouse for that matter. Oakwood Homes rolls up their sleeves and considers every aspect, as we take great pride in the design and development of every community. Banning Lewis Ranch included.

After all, we don’t just work here. We live here. We’re proud to call this home and we truly believe Banning Lewis Ranch is the best place to live in Colorado Springs, bar none.

Community Thrives at Banning Lewis Ranch – Colorado Springs 2022-2023 Relocation Guide

Come see why.