Banning Lewis Ranch Lifestyle

Chocolate ice cream dripping on hands faster than you can lick. Little girls twirling on green lawns while a bluegrass jamboree plays away. Couples getting in line to taste delectable samples from the Community Market. The smells of sizzling ribeye. The stories told from porches as sunsets turn into starry skies. Families grow as families here at Banning Lewis Ranch.

Banning Lewis Ranch Lifestyle

Inspired by the charming, family-friendly styles that make up Irvine Ranch, California, their thoughtful ideas and principles migrated east to Colorado Springs, Colorado back in 2007. Porch sizes. Garage placement. Chimney designs. All elements were scrutinized to unveil this colorful mosaic of individual neighborhoods to appeal to all sorts of tastes and likings. From carriage style to bungalow, the home styles pay homage to an era of heritage and classic values. Oakwood Homes assumed ownership of Banning Lewis in 2012, and continues to bring experiences for families to grow inside and outside every home.

It’s calm here. Relaxing. It’s a frontier steeped with history. And now, it’s your turn for your family to start making a little history of your own.

start making a little history of your own.

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